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Reviews & Awards


The Tale of Lila and Shelly the Turtle
By Ron Cherney with Angel Logan
Children's Fiction FINALIST in 2011 National Indie Excellence Book Awards

"This collection was eloquent in every sense of the word. With the profound theme of human nature, fear of rejection and opening yourself to the world, Angel Logan will pull you deeper into her words and have you scrambling to turn to the next page. I loved the colorful layout of the book and the fabulous illustrations only served to enhance the already beautiful poetry.

It would be difficult for me to pinpoint a favorite poem but I enjoyed Sands of Time, Tangle of Rainbows, and overall On The Edge. This poetry author had an amazing way of weaving in colors and textures that made her poems tangible.
Wonderful job - I crave more of Angel Logan's poetry."

Reviewed by: C.C., Lighthouse Literary Reviews
5-Beacon Review
(August 29, 2006)


"Wings Of An Angel is a remarkable and recommended collection of original and intimate poetry by Angel Logan. Each featured poem is paired with a full page illustration. With a message reaching out to readers and guide them through the ideals of love and insights of life, Wings Of An Angel contributes rare and intricate stylings for a unique projection of an enveloping dialect.

Ivory Rose: She aimlessly ponders/through the twisted/tangles of uncertainty,/trying to unravel the mystery/of her own trepidation.//The key remains/within the hands of time's unwilling patience/to see what stands/right before her eyes.//The garden of gifts/that capture her soul,/releases the magical blossoms/of life's winding chapters,/opening the ivory rose/of serenity.//Just as each petal/holds unique and wondrous beauty,/her heart nurtures/the essence of innocence and love,/and as long as she believes/in her very own special gifts,/she'll conquer her fear/with happiness."
The Poetry Shelf, Midwest Book Review
5-Star Review on
(July 2006)


"...your wings are the part of your spirit that lifts you in life and allows you to soar. It is the place within your heart where dreams come true, the place where hope and confidence live and the place where growth and awareness begin."
~ Angel Logan

Angel Logan's poetry is filled with beauty, magic and wisdom. Pictures, like dreamscapes, accompany each poem to enhance the message presented and give a sense of completion to each stage in Angel Logan's personal journey.

"The hidden life and love that remains locked within your prison of fear will freely release as you begin to see yourself and all of the good that is inside of you, awaiting to be shared with those you love."
~Sea of Reflection

In Tangle of Rainbows, Angel describes a moonlit beach, sunlight and rainbows all in one poem. The words flow in colors and experience, creating a celebration of words themselves. In Hello, Goodbye images of clouds and rain describe the feelings in metaphors and moments. A Window & A Door is a conversation between a girl and her angel.

Many of the poems reveal images of oceans, angels and flowers. Angel Logan's words capture an inner garden of truth where your soul can grow and her wisdom is evident throughout. I especially love the words in On the Edge:

"Life's redemption
will arise from the healing
of the spirit
and the choice
to follow the path
of virtue and light,
through the portal of awareness."

Rebecca Johnson, The Rebecca Review
5-Star Review on
(June 2006)

"The moment I saw "Wings of an Angel" I knew it was simply a gift, waiting to be given to someone special. The light lavender cover and art work send out a feeling of immediate relaxation. You open the cover to find even more beauty inside. Short, eclectic prose blesses the pages alongside coordinating colored art work that is quite beautiful and creative. It seems as much thought went into the art work of the book as the writing and the two combine together to give you the gift of prose that will simply calm.

I see this book as a perfect gift for events when you're not quite sure what to give. Any spiritual gatherings where perhaps your faith isn't quite the same and you don't feel comfortable giving something of their faith, yet want to still bless them with something touching. Perhaps the birth of a child, when the parent's need a special gift to let them know they're special. Mother's day, birthdays, any day that you simply want to tell someone they're special and thought of and need to take the time themselves to enjoy a little peace with the world.

While it is a book of angels and finding oneself, it's not a sappy religious view that overwhelms the reader with issues and provoking thoughts. Instead it has a calming effect, much like a warm lavender filled tub does at the end of a stressful day. One of my favorite poems in the book was "At Paradise Cafe", with it's ending verse that says "Paradise Cafe is the place within your heart where music rings the song of hope..." That particular poem reminds oneself of how important YOU are, as you sit at the Paradise Cafe across from yourself, for a moment to look deep within and make discoveries.

"Wings of an Angel" is a beautiful collection of poetry that gently relaxes one from the inside out and somehow within it's few pages of beauty can bring you to an inner peace each time you open it. An absolute work of beauty."
Beverly Pechin, Reader Views
5-Star Review on
(March 2006)

Author, Erin Aislinn
featured the
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collectin book cover
for Book Cover of the Week
January 2007

*The Fifth Season*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Poetry Writers Award."
in the "Seasons Forum"
February 2006

"Angelbells ~

I love how the fifth season is a state of soul and mind.
The poem radiates Mystery and connection that is about Love.
This season is one of essence rather than time ...
an enchanting concept and delicate delivery!"
-"Solo" Board Administrator at

*We Laugh, We Cry*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Poetry Writers Award."
in the "Dedications Forum"
February 2006

"Angelbells ~

This is just totally uplifting and inspiring!
What a wonderful dedication to soul-sisterhood and Joy!
-"Solo" Global Moderator at

*Welcome To Dreamstreet*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Poetry Writers Award."
in the "Fantasy Forum"
February 2006

"Angelbells ~

An absolutely inspirational and beautiful message ...
spiritual lessons and reminders in every gorgeous line!
-"Solo" Global Moderator at

*White Petals*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Poetry Writers Award."
in the "Poetry Garden"
February 2006

-"Maria" Board Moderator at


Commentary by CHRIS GOEBEL (Txpoet)
Introduction to Angel Logan's "Blissful Moments" and "Sands of Time"
Editor-in-Chief - Humdinger Literary E-Zine and Magazine

"This month, Humdinger presents more of Angel Logan's passionate poetry.
It is not commonly passionate; rather, Angel's poems are passionate about the reader:
they offer a gift to us in the form of hope and inspiration.
In "Blissful Moments," a character "wanders through the haze/ of her own anguish"
and she is saved by someone who "paints a portrait of courage" and "mends her broken wings."
We take this poem for granted if we don't understand its message of hope.
After reading it, one should stop and think:
yes, we can do that for each other;
we can restore one another's souls.

In "Sands of Time," again we see examples of the pain of everyday life:
"The test of trust and faith/ belongs to those nearest who can tear us apart."
Life isn't easy, but as is characteristic of Angel's poetry, happy endings are possible:

We are the sands of time,
the hourglass that keeps us true and free.
As long as we keep love in our hearts,
the sands will never run out.

The greatest value in Angel Logan's poetry is in its purpose.
How often do you read something that has as its intention
the desire to improve your outlook on life and the quality of it? 'Nuff said."
December 2005

Commentary by CHRIS GOEBEL (Txpoet)
Editor-in-Chief - Humdinger Literary E-Zine and Magazine

"Angel Logan immediately impressed me by explaining her desire
to help inspire her readers as an introduction.
Her poetry catches the reader off guard as her introduction did.
"Labyrinth of Illusion" makes me want to write a story that matches.
Ah, but I have! Now I remember a labyrinth scene in one of my novels.
The lines "I visit the place/entangled within my thoughts/where magic and mystery live"
invite the imagination to envision the maze.
Some words conjure immediate imagery and labyrinth is one such word.

Angel's "Fleeting Muse" creates creative beauty:
"You have impaled my fears of risk/with your sword of adventure ..."
The fantasy language works well with a theme that teaches
that love births bold poetic babies.
Since Angel's book of poetry is published,
she requested no changes be made to her work, so none have.
Be sure to check out her website,
where you can read more samples of her book,
a touching work of "angel"ic art."
November 2005


Congratulations Angel
Awarded Poetices Poet Of The Month Award!
This award was given for your outstanding Contribution
"Poet of the Month Competition"
For your poem :
Labyrinth of Illusion
August 23, 2005

Labyrinth of Illusion
from the book,
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection by Angel Logan

*Blissful Moments*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Best Writers Award."
It has been selected on the basis of its artistic merit.
August 21, 2005

Blissful Moments
Excerpt from the book,
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection by Angel Logan

"Angel ~

this is absolutely gorgeous!
it made me sigh deeply from start to finish ...

"When the frayed edges of her spirit,
capture the chill of caged anxiety,
he paints a portrait of her courage"

how perfect is this? the imagery and perfect
flow is intimately magical and serene ...."
-"Solo" Assistant Editor/Super Moderator at

*Sands of Time*
Has been selected from among numerous contributions
by for our
"Best Writers Award."
It has been selected on the basis of its artistic merit.
August 19, 2005

"Angel ~

this is magnificent, i LOVED it!

"With you I'm free of expectations,
free to be me,
unbound by the law of life
and true to the deepest part of my soul"

now this would be unbound bliss!

this travels, takes the reader on a journey
mirrored in the language of the poem ..."
-"Solo" Assistant Editor/Super Moderator at


"I love 'Field of Gold', It is one of my many favorites. It reminds me of the strength of my son, who has passed. His beautiful glow, his messages that I feel. Especially when I feel his presence. He always danced around with his happiness, no matter how ill. He is with me always, as is the 'Field of Gold'. The artwork by Marcia Davis is very moving, the colors are wonderful. Great job! I look forward to seeing and reading many more of your books."
Theresa Sorrentino
Burlington, Massachusetts
April 25, 2004

"My impression of your book .....
I really enjoy it. To me a book of poetry is something you leave on a bedside table, or at the breakfast nook - a place where you can pick it up when you have a moment of solitude. Your book makes that easy to do. When I open it up, each poem stands out as more than black print on a page. The colors, the print, the illustrations make each poem an artistic creation. I don't know if I've read the whole book and honestly it doesn't matter because each day I pick it up, thumb through the pages to something that catches my eye - that poem is my thought for the day."
Joanna Plummer
West Roxbury, Massachusetts
April 16, 2004

"In clear, accessible prose, Angel reaches out to the reader about her life's journey, both light and dark. The tone and imagery infused throughout the book produces a stimulus to reflect on our inner self and our own journey. Wings of an Angel is a valuable choice for expanding our consciousness. One comes away feeling empowered and inspired."
Suzanne Robart
N. Lawrence, Ohio
April 3, 2004

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