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Angel Logan

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News & Events about Angel Logan, PUBLISHED AUTHOR | PROFESSIONAL WRITER ... A woman of her word!

News & Events


A Mother's Healing Journey of Self-Discovery
Julie Brown
Angel Logan
Julie Brown recalls how she became
a mother before she had the opportunity
to discover her own identity,
while assuming an array of roles throughout her journey
that were thrust upon her
by life's unpredictable circumstances.

Official Book Release
July 2017

The Tale of Lila and Shelly the Turtle
Ron Cherney
Angel Logan
Young readers will be enthralled to know that
Ron Cherney and Angel Logan are back
with another heartwarming tale of magic and friendship
with Lila and Shelly the Turtle in The Miracle.
Official Book Release
February 15, 2012

The Tale of Lila and Shelly the Turtle
Ron Cherney
Angel Logan
Inspired by Lila Faye Cherney, author Ron Cherney honors his first grandchild
with the release of the book Coming out of her Shell.
This story is a heartwarming and fun children's tale,
as well as a lesson-filled read for young children to enjoy.
Official Book Release
February 18, 2011

Life and Marriage in the Face of a Brain Tumor
Patricia Meserve Gauvin
Angel Logan
A true story depicting Ron and Patti Gauvin's remarkable journey
in the face of the worst kind of adversity.
The Gauvins traveled through the forest of fear, loss, and acceptance,
as they discovered hope within the eyes of each other.
Official Book Release
February 16, 2011

Exhibit & Book Signing
at the
2010 Boston Health & Fitness Expo
Hynes Convention Center
Boston, Massachusetts
June 12 & 13
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Angel Logan will be making an appearance!

A Man's Journey Away from Obesity
Andrew Leon LeClair
Angel Logan
A touching, yet realistic portrayal of the late Andrew Leon LeClair's life
and the uncertain insurmountable challenges of his weight loss journey.
Official Book Release
March 29, 2010

International Women's Day Celebration
Angel Logan
featured guest
at the
Ten Thousand Villages
226 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA
Sunday, March 8, 2009

"An Evening of Poetry"
Angel Logan
featured guest
at the
Waltham Public Library
735 Main Street
Waltham, MA
(781) 314-3425
Lecture Hall, Ground Floor
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Angel Logan Feature
poetry from the
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
was featured in the May 2008 issue of the
Static Movement Magazine
Online & Print Versions
by Chris Bartholomew
May 2008

Angel Logan Feature
poetry from the
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
was featured in issues 11 & 12 of the
Crimson Mango Magazine
Online & Print Versions
by Rob Brodin
Crimson Mango Magazine on Myspace
July & August 2007

Angel Logan Author Interview
hosted by Gayle Campbell at
Inside Scoop Live
an Austin, Texas based company
and a subsidiary of
Reader Views
working in partnership with
Internet Voices Radio
December 3, 2006

Angel Logan Interview
by Kaycee Conners, Fiction Author

Interview with Angel Logan
by Marc Lemay on
October 22, 2006

CT Harrison Biography
Angel Logan has joined forces with
C.T. Harrison, Country Music Artist
and has agreed to
write C.T.'s Biography,

C.T. Harrison - Author
Angel Logan - CO-Writer
May 22, 2006

Angel Logan Interview
by Juanita at Reader Views
Author Interview of Angel Logan
Reader Views - Book Reviews
by Readers for Readers
March 2006

Angel Logan and her poems
"Blissful Moments" and "Sands of Time"
from Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
were featured on the
Humdinger Literary E-Zine and Magazine
by Editor-in-Chief: Chris Goebel
December 2005

Angel Logan
was a finalist and winner in the
Humdinger's November Garden Poetry Contest
with her poem, "Tiger Lily"
from Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
Humdinger Literary E-Zine and Magazine
by Editor-in-Chief: Chris Goebel
November 2005

Angel Logan and her poems
"Labyrinth of Illusion" and "Fleeting Muse"
from Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
were featured on the
Humdinger Literary E-Zine and Magazine
by Editor-in-Chief: Chris Goebel
November 2005

Three autographed copies of
Wings of an Angel Poetry Collection
were donated to the
40th WGBH Live Auction
in support of WGBH
Expanding the mind, exciting the spirit and nurturing the arts and culture scene!
Boston, MA
Aired on Saturday, June 11, 2005.

Daily News Tribune Feature Story
Newspaper - Waltham, MA
"Waltham woman hopes her poems will inspire people"
By Kathy Uek / CNC Staff Writer
Publication Date: Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Angel Logan Interview
on television show "Around Town"
Waltham, MA
hosted by Waltham's own
Councilor at Large, Sally Collura
Aired on December 27, 2004
Also aired in Lexington & Belmont, MA

MetroWest Daily News Feature Story Newspaper - Framingham, MA
"Writers corner: This Angel's voice flies"
By Kathy Uek / News Staff Writer
Publication Date: Sunday, December 19, 2004

Angel Logan of Waltham knows something about following her dreams. She has worked in telecommunications, has been a sound engineer and has a wedding consulting business.

Logan knows from experience it can be challenging reaching for one's goals.
In her book, "Wings of an Angel," a collection of poetry, Logan reaches out to inspire others to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

"The poetry represents life's lessons of my experiences, and those of others,
because life is hard and people are easily discouraged," said the author. "I want people to know their dreams can always come true, and hope I can get that message across through my writing."

The poem, "Field of Gold," represents the essence of her book in which she wants readers to understand they don't have to be afraid or alone.

"There is always hope," said Logan.

But fear plays a big part in making dreams difficult -- if not impossible -- and she addresses that demon in several of her poems, such as "Silent Tears": "Her heart breaks / each time that she witnesses / the pain of agony and loss, / But she veils her sadness / with determination / to free those imprisoned by fear."

"Most people are ruled by fear, rejection or fear of success," she said. "Fear has a tendency to inhibit people from being able to pursue their dreams and what they are passionate about in life. I want the book to be able to touch each reader individually in some special way in their own life and remind them not to give up."

Logan's favorite poem, "Sands of Time," speaks of overcoming another fear -- love. "It's about keeping love in your heart and being able to be free to love without any type of limitations," she said.

The author knows love having been married to her husband, Dana, for seven years. Husband and wife balance each other. "With everything in life, it requires work, determination and commitment," she said. "For us, it's team work.'

Other poems, such as "Golden Cloak of Light," is about women who have been in abusive relationships. "They don't realize the light inside of them," said Logan.

The extroverted Logan meets the people she writes about in different situations. "Often people come and ask me for advice and at the same time, they inspire me in my poetry," said Logan. "Sometimes I sense people need help, but a lot of times people feel comfortable enough to tell me what they are feeling and what's going on in their life."

"Wings of an Angel," is appropriately named. Wings represent the dreams she has for her readers and Angel is her first name.

No stranger to writing, at 14 Logan began keeping a journal, and tried writing some poetry and short stories in high school.

"During those days it was always about first love," said Logan.

The collection of poems is not just for women. Several of the poems, such as "Sweet Pirate," represents men she has known who have known struggle.

"It kind of represents a lot of single fathers," said Logan. "It's about men who just haven't had enough faith in the gifts that they have. The idea is to help them find their own path."

"Wings of an Angel" was released last December, after which Logan had a big celebration -- complete with an ice sculpture of an angel -- given to her by a friend. "It was my dream to write a book and have it published. I wanted to have the ultimate celebration with people I care about to share it with me."

In addition to helping goal seekers, the author also helps servicemen and women serving with the U.S. Marines in Iraq by sending supplies including phone cards, zipper freezer bags, baby wipes, nutritional and Gaterade powders, AA batteries and travel-size grooming items such as soaps and disposable razors.

On her own she also sends letters or items to the troops, which she is very passionate about. "I'm not sure about (the) war," said Logan. "But it's important that we support the troops and they know they are not forgotten. If we can give them...any type of help, supplies or whatever, it's really important. We have so many freedoms."

Logan sees the troops as a mirror image of what she does. "I think they are doing something they are passionate about," she said. "They are fighting to make our dreams come true, the same way I try to help others with my book."

In life, Logan's goal is to continue learning so she can teach others and they, in turn, will teach others. "It's the school of life," she said.

For a limited time, signed copies of "Wings of an Angel" are available at La Piazza Caffe, 286 Moody St., Waltham.
Published by Xlibris Publishing, it is also available at 1-888-795-4274, or, ISBN #1-4134 2967-X
Kathy Uek can be reached at 508-626-4419 or


Wings of an Angel Book Showcase
La Piazza Caffe
Waltham, MA
June 7, 2004 - October 17, 2005

Angel Logan, Author - Guest Speaker
Watertown Rotary Club
at the Oakley Country Club, Watertown, MA
April 13, 2004

Wings of an Angel Interview
on television show "Author Talk"
Waltham, MA
Interviewed & Produced by Nikki Fanala
Aired on February 25, 2004

Wings of an Angel Book Release Soiree
at the Pvt. Charles J. Shutt Detachment
Watertown, Massachusetts
A special "Thank You" goes out to
Jay Vello, Executive Chef - Bayside Expo Center
my Chef and my very good friend,
who helped, to make my event, magical and perfect!

January 25, 2004

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